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Why you should buy soft sole baby shoes


First stepsYour baby is trying to make his first steps. Great! That is such a milestone! You are excited to watch it, but scared a bit too, right? It is high time for you to think about buying a pair of shoes. There are lots of baby shoes available…

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Strawberries from Poland – second to none!


Why are strawberries so irresistible?June is my favorite month. It always brings good weather and lots of tasty food. By late spring everyone is hungry for fresh fruits and vegetables. In this time of year going to fresh market is so eye – pleasing! All these young fruits and vegetables…

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5 kids clothing labels you need to know


Made in PolandWe are very proud of fact that all our products are made in Poland. From the very beginning of our brand, we source all materials from EU countries (all materials except leather are from Poland) and make final products (soft sole baby shoes, baby moccasins, DIY shoe…