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What is difference between natural and synthetic leather?

Advantages and disadvantages

Natural leather Synthetic(Artificial) leather
Water absorbency ×
Elasticity ×
Price △ Expensive ◯ Cheap

Natural leather absorbs water, but synthetic leather doesn't. Baby feet have tendency to sweat and if you put on your baby’s feet leather shoes, you can be sure that leather will allow the moisture and heat of baby feet to escape and let cooler air in. But in synthetic leather shoes baby feet will sweat a lot and feet will get more susceptible to catching various feet infections.

Natural leather is an extremely flexible material and because of this shoes made of it don’t restrict natural flexibility of baby feet and let feet develop naturally. Unfortunately synthetic leather isn’t so flexible and shoes made of such material are stiff and may make learning to walk difficult.

Both natural and synthetic leather have good durability. Synthetic leather is even a bit more durable, but in case of baby shoes, it is not so important. Baby feet grow very fast. The shoe size changes every three to four months! No worries that leather shoes won’t last such a period of time. But if your baby loves to play in the mud, you may better consider buying shoes made of synthetic leather.

Synthetic leather is cheaper than natural leather. But the price of natural leather and shoes made of such is pretty reasonable. For just a bit more money you buy a natural product, which protects your baby’s feet and guarantees comfort. Comfort is the most important aspect in finding baby’s first walking shoes, because as we all know young kids cannot say "My feet are sweating” or “These shoes are too tight !". Careful choice and observation are the only options parents have.

If you can afford to spend more money on baby shoes and you want for your baby the best comfort, we recommend you to purchase shoes made of natural leather.

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